Power life. Power health. Power Juicer.

One week after the resolution my husband and I made to go on a ten day juicing fast, we finally purchased our juicer. In the meantime, we were more careful what we were putting in our body, replaced coffee for green tea, bread for whole grain, no meat at all and drank more water.

Not exactly the "reboot and detox" decision we made but it was hard to just jump into the resolution when you don't have the right equipment. So yesterday, we got Jack LaLanne's Power juicer. An impressive machine that doesn't take much space in my kitchen, is easy to use and looks pretty sharp on my counter top. My husband did a A line to Costco for it, didn't care to buy online or any other place. The purchase came with a 190 page recipe book too! I was happy.

Today I will look through the recipes that I like and go shopping for my produce. We already have two large bags of organic carrots, celery and apples.....

.... my post was interrupted by my girlfriend who came by early 7:30 am to pick me up and go to a nearby park for our Monday morning ritual power walk. I am back now, it was a two hour long walk. I feel my thighs twitching, I feel good. My husband had already cleaned the new juicer and had started juicing some apples and carrots that we enjoyed after our walk. It was a morning of power walk, power breakfast and I am feeling pretty empowered to continue this juicing fast and detoxification.

Now off to the groceries, because without the goods, we'll be more likely to search for the junk food. It's very important to have plenty in the kitchen ready to be juiced to avoid reaching for the toast and brie or worse the nachos and cheese whiz!

I just got back from the local family owned grocery store (not your usual Vons, or Albertson), and I got only vegetables and fruits.

My entire grocery was 10 bags:
4.5lbs of Gala Apples
14lbs of oranges
seedless grapes
Hot house tomatoes (3lbs of it)
Regular tomatoes
Green bell peppers
Red plums, flavor plums
Romaine lettuce
Beats and 3 bunch of Kale

and spent only $40.45.

My kitchen has never looked so colorful!

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