Juice Fasting, a great way to loose weight

Day 3
Who said it 
would be easy?

Alright, I was a wee bit disillusioned when I begun this juicing fast, thinking it would be a breeze. After all it isn't fasting altogether, I even opted to accompany my juicing fast with crusty salads (without dressing of course) and bananas and other fruits which cannot be juiced. On day 3, of our attempt, my husband and I are ready to climb the walls, strangle each other and we both have splitting headaches. I wish we were doing the juice fasting while on vacation somewhere calm and serene, sitting on the balcony of a beach house maybe, relaxing and juicing all day.

But we have to work, get up in the morning, take care of business as usual. The stress of work makes me stare at the coffee pot often, sometimes I crave a salty, ketchup and mustard dripping hot dog to satisfy me. We have been resisting, and the good part of work is that we get so busy we forget about food all together, however, we also forget to drink our juice, which takes us to a point where we feel that hunger and we begin to dream of Baha Fresh or a large all dressed pizza!

What I learned is that we need to have our juice constantly, every two hours, not to ever get that hungry feeling in the first place. With that approach, it makes it easier. Remembering the benefit is another booster to continue the Juicing fast. I already lost 2 lbs.

So we're on day 3, 7 more days, will we make it? To be seen.

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