Juice Fasting and rebooting your system

The "Reboot" fast 
on its way...

Last night my husband and I made the conscious decision to get on a juice fasting diet for at least 10 days, to detox our bodies and start our lives over on a healthy track. Well, it's obviously not an overnight change. This morning, I am starving for some sunny side up and hash browns with a hot coffee with cream.

But I resisted, and so did my husband (my strong support system). We don't have a juicer yet, so I opted to have a breakfast filled with fresh fruits. And for our lunch at work, I prepared a tuna salad with celery, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber,  parsley and cilantro. Olive oil and lemon as dressing instead of the usual mayo I put in my tuna for the final touch. I think it's a good start, choices of raw vegetables beats what I had l planned the day before for lunch, mash potatoes and beef stew chunks mixed with well cooked string beans. (your vegetables should be half cooked to benefit from their nutrients).

I have to say I am proud of myself today, not the extreme change we were excited about last night after watching the documentary "Fat, sick and nearly dead", but until we get the juicer and go grocery shopping for some interesting organic green vegetables and fruits, this will do.

Ending this post with a sip of unsweetened hot green tea....

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