Masaru Emoto's The Secret Life of Water

Browsing through the isles of my home town library, I wasn't quite sure what book I wanted to take out. I decided to use the method taught by one of my all time favorite author Linda Goodman - I asked my higher Self to guide me to the one I should be reading.

My daughter tagging along, hiding here and there, distracting me made the task harder - so I thought. At some point I raised my whispering voice breaking the library rule to get her to stand by me. She listened but not after pushing a bunch of books causing a few others to fall off the shelf on the other side. Of course I made her pick them up. As she picked up the last one, she said "how 'bout this one mommy?" and I glanced at it and was drawn to it. Cleverly titled "The Secret Life of Water", nothing like the word "secret" to get your attention. I flipped through the pages and saw some amazingly interesting things. I decided that was the one. My higher Spirit of my daughter's, it worked.

I have been with this book every evening or any free time I find.

Masaru Emoto's book has awakened me once again, I say once again as the content and idea of the book isn't foreign to me, but often we let life put us in a hypnotic state and we forget the beauty of life and we forget how powerful we truly are.

Beyond the realization of the incredible and undeniable need for water on Earth, from ourselves to plants, and animals. This book helps you understand the other undeniable truth of the power of your thoughts and words.

But nothing will make it clearer than your own experiment, so go ahead and get two little pots with soil and plant a seed. Write the word "I love you" on one, and then the word "you fool" on the other. Every time you water the plant, express out loud to it the words " I love you" with one and "you fool" with the other. Watch and learn. The one you evoke beautiful, and positive energy and thought will grow bigger and stronger.

Now imagine the power of your words with your children, your spouse, your friends and colleagues.

I am not done with the book The Secret Life of Water, but already the first chapter has awakened my consciousness to a level where I take care to speak good words, be mindful of good thoughts and catch my self when I deviate. This simple practice has already changed my days in ways I would have never imagined.

The book also shows several pages filled with images of beautiful crystals which were formed at freezing level, while positive and loving words were expressed, the crystals were formed like beautiful perfect snowflakes, but the opposite negative expressions made the crystals form in distorted fashion. It is fascinating! This experiment was portrayed briefly in the film "What the Bleep do we know" which I recommend after you've read the book.

Another observation I have made is that every well formed crystal, as any snowflake you look at under microscope, is an hexagon. The famous six pointed star, the seal of Solomon... did he have knowledge of a secret we don't - or perhaps have forgotten?


Christy C. said...

love this!!! thank you!

J.S. Pan said...

i am currently reading this book.
caught my eye when i am shopping for some used books. the word that got my attention though is "water" because i am a fan of the great bruce lee. he has a famous quote, "be water, my friend." ahaha and so i bought this book.
oh one thing to add on to your post.
water is also the carrier of the good and bad vibrations that all things emit. vibrations from flowers, plants, colors, etc. this makes me remember something from the star wars, "may the force be with you". it is about all being, matter, elements, energy are one. all linked.

Ralph - Singapore.

Natalie said...

Ralph, thanks for pointing that out and I love the quote "be water, my friend". With water being a mighty force who wouldn't want to be water :)

Isn't it funny how we fall upon books we need or want to read?