Madonna's halftime show and the MIA so-called scandal

I only have one word for it: "Pl...ease!"

So my husband calls me out of the laundry room to come and watch the halftime show with my all time - old time favorite artist Madonna. Well I have a few other favorites in between. I might not have all her albums lined up in my CD case, but when I appreciate a song , I get it and listen to it until my husband complains. Was I impressed by the show? I can say that I was entertained, visually stimulated and saw the value of the hard work and fantastic imagery that went into it. Much like the famous Cleopatra entrance made by Elizabeth Taylor back in '63, The arrival of the artist pulled by the many centurions in unison, feathers opening up to a gold veiled and crowned Madonna starting off with an old but famous "Vogue", was a definite blast - oh! and I liked her outfit.

"Vogue to the music, music".... then comes the swift transition to another old time hit "Music" during which she wobbles a bit trying to get up on the stand, and she does without missing a beat. The man on the wire freaked me out - how cool!

I am not too crazy about her new song "give me all your luvin " with the cheerleaders and gold pom poms - yes it has a catchy beat that takes me back to Toni Basil's "Oh Mickey" but not as strong as some of her others, I won't be "Hung Up" on this one for sure. This song finished with the arrival of a marching band and then the entire field visually got sucked into the stage and the scene changed to "Like a Prayer" - with so many collaborating artists, it was a great half time entertainment and a wonderful finale with a blast of smoke and a field lit up to read "world peace".

Madonna didn't disappoint. What did disappoint me however is the follow up criticisms of MIA the guest artist, who happened to flip her little middle finger during her insignificant rap moment. And had I not read about this over and over everywhere, I wouldn't have known or payed much attention to it!

So to those so easily offended people I say - "Pl...ease!"

If America is so concerned about middle fingers, vulgarity, profanity.... what are they doing about some of the crudest videos some artists are putting out there?

Are they aware of the viiolent video games their children are playing?

Are they blind to the sexual contents of 80% of prime time t.v. which airs earlier than they used to?

Are they not seeing the vulgar cartoons many kids have their eyes on?

Are they not upset at the easily attainable porn on the Internet?

So.... a well thought out little entertainment piece filled with dancers choreographed to the second, amazing costumes and timed performances must be overlooked because of a flip of the finger.

Who so ever hasn't said the word "fuck" ever in their entire life, may he/she throw the first stone!

America, clean up your sexually and violently charged programs, videos, and video games, then maybe we'll pay attention to your offended hearts.

Until then, don't just stand there, strike a pause and - VOGUE!

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