De-clutter today and Spring clean your Life! 2012 mission impossible or easy breezy?

Alright everyone! Spring is 'round the corner and it's time for some Spring cleaning. 

Just because some are announcing the end of the world (as we know it) doesn't mean we must surrender to our cluttered life and wait for doomsday.

2012 is looking to be a special year, and whether that specialness is positive or negative, I do not know. What I do know is there is much change going on everywhere in the world. Upheaval in the Middle East, is ultimate clutter - and very much like a piled up dirty cluttered desk needs a swish of the arm to get rid of all the clutter and start fresh - the Middle East is similarly going through some kind of major "swish". We can discuss the politics all day, we will never scratch the service of the reality underlying the illusion we see in the news. Who are the puppeteers, who are the puppets, who are the Generals, the Soldiers. Who is behind the "game". What is all this all about?

Don't be fooled! There is a reorganizing taking place -  a new order so-to-speak. Nothing is what it seems. What we can do is make sure we de-clutter our own life so we have clarity of where we STAND because as one wise individual once said "When you stand for nothing, you fall for anything".

De-clutter your home of all things unwanted, uneeded. De-clutter your body by changing your bad eating habits. De-clutter your mind so you can find your center and be firm in what matters most in your life, what you believe and where you need to be at this time and period when chaos seems to be king.

Be the master of your own life. Make this Spring 2012, the Spring you make major changes around you. If the environment you live in makes you unhappy, change it. If you feel certain people are toxic, distance yourself from them - without guilt. If you have dreams that feel are too grounded to take flight, look around you and see what's holding them down - change it.

Is your home too busy and cluttered with material things you don't even use?
Take out a couple of big boxes and start shoving what you don't want in one box, the things you do want but need to organize in the other. Label your boxes. Give away the box you won't keep to the salvation army or a mission organization. Put the other one in the garage until you have time to deal with it.

Is your mind to busy to focus on the things that you need done?
Give yourself 15 minutes a day to plan your next day. Get yourself three baskets or three files and label them: very important (VI)" - important (I) - and less important (LI). Gather your tasks in those files and sort through the VI at your highest energy time of your day. When these tasks are done, you can deal with the other files, leaving the LI tasks for when you feel at the lowest energy level of your day or all other important tasks are done. Always know your plan the day before, set your goal one day at a time, and feel the satisfaction of getting small things done each day, every day.

Is your body too tired to tackle your daily tasks?
Walk for ten minutes a day outside, in your neighborhood or a park. Get up half an hour earlier and practice the Sun Salutation Yoga stretches followed by a five to ten minute meditation during which you can exercise deep breathing reaping the benefits of bringing more oxygen to your lungs and brain in turn boosting your immune system. The release, the stretch, the fresh air and movement will help the state your tired body.

Is your Spirit down?
Stop watching the news. Instead call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, or meet up. Socialize in a high-touch way not a high-tech way. Shut off Facebook for a day or two. Read a good inspirational book or rent out inspirational cd's from the library and listen to them while you are de-cluttering your house. Take a moment to say a prayer, a gratitude prayer is best, making a list of all things, people and circumstances for which you are thankful. 

2012 announces many events based on the Mayan calendar  and if these prophesies come to pass, we will experience a massive spiritual transition, materialism will matter less and our realities will be based more on spiritual fulfillment. Earth will also experience massive changes on a cataclysmic level. 

Many researches done point at major events in 2012. It is Spring cleaning on a global magnitude. We really don't know. We should not panic about the word going around nor mock those who share their views on the 2012 events because we just don't KNOW. 

Get your own Major Spring Cleaning done in your Home, your Body, your Mind, your Spirit this year 2012. Let this year be a marker for the Major Events that will transpire in your own significant life. 
Clear your environment of toxic things and people, clear your mind of fear and chaos, clear your body of foods that weaken it, clear your spirit of the heaviness of external expectations.

De-clutter Today.
Spring Clean your Life this year 2012 and finally jump out of the fish bowl into Reality!

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