Watch Your Paradigm Shift with the Planets, Sun and Moon allow planetary shifts to be easy to see. If you know the symbols for each planet and zodiac sign, then you can watch the continuous shifting. You may watch the planets, sun and moon float around their cycle, in real time. Watching these shifts can reveal what planets and the zodiac have to do with you. As one living being, you hold a considerable amount of space in time. Your birth date and time can be used to see the planetary alignment of your birthday. Using the tool at planet watcher's site, you can enter any date.

Looking at the day of your birth, you may consider the sun (yellow circle with a dot inside in Aries) and moon (silver crescent moon in Gemini). Most people are aware of their sun sign, as their only horoscope. In this chart the sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. On this chart, the crescent moon symbol also travels around the circle of the zodiac sign. Looking at your moon sign or "natal sign" alone shifts your sun centered paradigm, significantly. Sun signs may indicate personality, and how a person interacts with others. Moon signs may indicate a home base for decision making or gut instinct of a person. Further, each of the planetary signs point to a different aspect of yourself. On the image above, Venus (female symbol in Taurus) may symbolize how you love. Venus is the only planet symbol circling the wheel with the sun and moon. This image looks simple compared to the full wheel that you could play with at planet watcher.

Using the moon and planetary signs to navigate your mind, body and spirit can be extremely interesting. With great patience, you can acknowledge tiny shifts in your consciousness as Earth's sun and moon spin around the constellations/Zodiac. Every minute, our planet is spinning inside a fixed pattern. You can feel the gentle shifts daily.

An air/yellow day could allow more freedom to intellectualize or over-think things. A fire/red day could find you with less patience and great passion. An earth/brown day could keep your senses alert, as you ground into your earthly existence. A blue/water day may keep your emotions and intuition involved in every encounter. Aspects of the Zodiac have always fascinated people and gardeners. It seems there is more to know about these aspects than our common knowledge tells us. For example, a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is fruitful. A great time to water or to seed a plant. Timing activities with changes in the Zodiac and the moon phases (reflections of sunlight) can turn an avid gardener into an expert. Timing is an incredible factor in gardening plants and changing our habits... Generally, adding habits on a waxing mood is beneficial. Dropping bad habits on a waning moon is more effective. Plants and people are affected by shifts in planets and our moon.

To dream or not to dream, that is a good question... In the night sky, you may be able to make out a planet or two. This picture shows Venus near the moon. This year, planets have been visible and awe inspiring. Pondering and wishing can be profound, as you gaze into the night sky... Do you think?

Changing your perspective is easy once or twice, though change seems to expect us to be willing to change continuously. I am considering change as a constant. Peace in change creates peaceful change. Peace is powerful. Love and peace can change our world... Do you agree?

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