A Quick. Easy. Healthy Meal that is also Delish!

Every time I am out of ideas what to cook for my family, or just plain tired to prepare an elaborate meal, this soup comes to the rescue. 

Drum roll please..... Introducing The Red Lentil Soup!

It is easy to prepare, and very healthy and high in protein, it will satisfy always.

Prepare your broth with chicken or a chicken cube. 
Cut three stalks of celery diced. 
One yellow onion finely diced
Three cloves of garlic minced 
Two red potatoes cut in small cubes. 

Put your ingredients in the broth.

Rinse two cups of red lentils and add to the broth. 
Salt, pepper, a few drops of olive oil.
1 tps Paprika
1 tps Tourmeric (very good for the brain)
1 tps of Cury

Lower to medium and let it simmer until you see it become of thick consistency, but not too much, there should be still broth, we don't want it like a puré.

Get some bread crouton to add on top, and voilĂ  - Enjoy a healthy hot flavorful red lentil soup, that fills you up with one bowl, but you know you will go for a second serving.

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