Light a Torch: Be Touched by Humanity

Inviting us to "Imagine" humanity at its best, GB welcomes our world with familiar sights, sounds and great feeling. What lights you spirit?

Marketing for Olympics 2012 takes gold, silver and bronze. Winning viewers' need to feel connected. Beveled to respect sensitivities of many different perspectives, tapping into common good. Revealed on the podium, leaving viewers in a positive state,or at least no worse for wear.

Sensory Scientists are studying our reactions around the clock. Preferences, impulses and purchase habits are analyzed on an emotional level. We strive for quality: food, water, air and entertainment. Researchers track our buying patterns for insight. Consumer consciousness lifts advertising messages to a higher level.

We no longer want images to merely entertain us.

We make a choice to watch commercials, if we keep a good feeling.

Products are not just sought for personal gratification.
We want products to have a positive impact upon our lives and our world.
We demand that producers consider the impact of their products on Earth...

Lofty vibrations are reflected in commercials.

Thank you, humanity.

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