Monarch Butterflies Are Brilliant

Pollination is Perfection!

Recently I found an advocate for Monarch Caterpillars and Pollination. David Snow of Thousand Oaks is passionate about Monarchs, Milk Weed and Purposeful Landscaping. His inspiration and knowledge captured my dedication from the word, "hello." When you speak with David, you are instantly aware that he stands for pesticide-free gardening initiatives with his entire being.

Milk Weed plants are beautiful on purpose. Landscaping with Master Pollinators, like David Snow Garden Design, is full of opportunities for further education. His services come with a fountain of knowledge about pollination and the potential of spreading milk weed natives and other beautiful milk weed plants.

Monarch Caterpillars rely on milk weed to grow and become butterflies. They do not eat any other plant. The image above is a Monarch Caterpillar feeding on a Bloodflower Milkweed. As the Milk Weed Plant Thrives, so does the Monarchs. Monarch Migration and Pollination is breathtaking and beneficial.

Christy Camp

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