Another great Eggplant Curry Dish with Meat or without.

This dish was taught to me by my mother-in-law. When she immigrated 12 years ago from Iranshe had brought with her many Persian recipes. When I first came to the United States from Canada, I only knew of Middle Eastern and North African dishes, but I soon learned to make some good meals specific to Iran such as Sabzighorme and other recognized dishes in the community. I can't say I liked all that I tasted right away, some of them took some getting used to. There was one, however, I enjoyed right away. The Eggplant Dish also known as Eggplant Khoresht. My mother-in-law always cooked it with meat, but since my diet today consists of less meat, I have added a few ingredients to compensate the absence of red meat.

Here is what you will need.
First Pre-heat oven 375°

Peel and Cut 3 large eggplants in length

Peel and Cut 5 Italian zucchinis in length

Cut 2 Chili Peppers and 3 colorful Bell Peppers - again in length - and make them wide
Cut 1 large yellow Onion big and square

Once you've cut them all, place a large sauce pan on stove top with olive oil, heat on high. Start stir frying each vegetable lightly while seasoning with salt and curry, then place vegetables in a large Pyrex, do this with each vegetable, leaving onions for last. Avoid throwing them all together at once.
Now that all your vegetables are set in your Pyrex, cut in half 2 dried lemons (image above) scrape the inside and top it on the vegetables. Finish your preparation by adding a large can of tomato sauce, you might want to add thinly cut fresh tomatoes too - I do - add a wee bit of fresh ground pepper then cover well with aluminum foil and slide in oven to cook for 2 hours.

While your Eggplant is getting done, make white rice to accompany your dish dish. Because we put Chile peppers I don't season a lot with black pepper, but if you love your dish spicy, freshly ground black pepper is ideal!

When you want meat in your dish

All my vegetables are done as explained above.
I do my meat separately. Stir fry onions and place your stew meat in pan, no need to cook all the way. Season to taste and mix in with your veggies in the pyrex, top with the dry lemons and tomato sauce, cover with foil and in the oven it goes.

TIME IN OVEN: 1.5h to 2 hours

Serve hot on or side of rice.

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