Getting a Good Night Sleep

 I had been having such a hard time sleeping for many consecutive weeks. First due to a bad cold, then working late nights. Eventually I had no excuse, clearly my lack of rest was because of bad choices in mattress and pillows. I changed that and so happy I did.

You never realize how much what you sleep on can affect you until I found out more about the quality of bedding and pillows.

Here is an article by a local mattress merchants, who's made it its mission to educate people about the importance of a good mattress.

" When you consider the fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, surely we would consider where we lay our head or our entire body for that matter. A quality mattress and supportive pillow are very important for your health, SLEEP is important! A good amount of sleep is required to keep your heart strong and your body recovered from daily stresses, it is at that time that you are rejuvenating. So put aside all the rejuvenating creams and focus on how much sleep you’re getting – correction – how much quality sleep you’re getting."

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