First let's define Wealth :

To some it means the obvious "making a lot of money" and having a lot of things or "toys" as some call it. To others wealth is having an active social life, many friends and a loving family. Someone who is healthy and content with his life can also consider themselves wealthy. What is wealth to you?

Sure you can work extreme hours, earn a big pay cheque and buy two new cars, a big house and a boat. But would that make you feel wealthy if you are suffering from stress, depression and chronic illness? Well, maybe you make an average living and work out to a perfect shape and health and you are proud of the way you look and feel, you might not have two cars or a boat, but you can take vacations. But would that make you feel wealthy if you have very few friends or none at all you can truly call upon and socialize with, no spouse to share life with and no children? Then again you can have your soul mate by your side, healthy children, now would that make you feel wealthy if you are struggling to put food on the table?

Clearly, achieving wealth is achieving a balance between Love, Health and Money.

If you can nurture and improve your relationship with your partner, cultivate true friendships, you will have a circle of people you can always turn to when life gets tough. It is proven that people with social lives live longer.

If you can commit to a healthier way of life, watch what you eat, and eat more consciously, you will maintain a good health and feel your body strong and your energy high. It is proven that people who take care of what they intake and are active in their lives, live happier longer lives.

If you take the time to meditate and do some inner searching, you will find your passion in life and then taking that passion and turning it into work will always/almost guarantee you success and you will see your business decisions take flight and your financial situation improve.

How to become wealthy will depend on how strongly you are committed to working on these three aspects of life. And if you can find that balance and increase your relationships' quality, your health's quality and your work's quality. Then you will have a quality life that will constantly be a source of joy and that is true wealth.

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