Are you living your best life?

Living a life of abundance doesn't happen simply by wishing. You can read all about what's healthy for you, become an expert in the department of money, read all about how to attract the perfect mate, yet none of it will bring you the love, health and money abundance you deserve. The three keys of life will not reach you, unless you do something. You've got to be pro active. The eternal student does not become thin, rich or fulfilled in love. The one who starts implementing all that he's learned and acting on it will begin to see results.

Do results happen right away? Well in my experience, no. That's where you have to have faith. You can analyze your actions and decide to take different actions if your gut feels you're not on the right track; but the key is you're still in motion, you haven't given up.

Get educated, seek advice, read books and yes learn from others; but don't procrastinate! Act now and make things happen. Sometimes things will come your way faster than others, but one thing is certain, nothing will change in your life if you do nothing.


Dencho Denchev said...

Your posts are short but very simple and useful. I just wonder why here are not comments????

Vetrick said...

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Tine M. said...

and regarding the post: I can only say the word EXACTLY. :) Education is one of the main keys. :)