Can You Embrace Divinity into Your Family without Religion

As if I just woke-up, I realize parenting is just living with greater intent.  In the past, I have looked at the meaning of life with a sense of bewilderment; I also looked at my role as a parent, until I was cross-eyed.

Previously, I thought I should satisfy my child’s needs as a servant or disciplinarian. I pacified my inner child and my husband and my two boys, until the pacifier became toxic; we were all screaming to be heard; change occurred.
First, I surrender to universal truths. Our universe has been created and sustained by energy. This energy that resides in every life is healing, loving and accepting.

Second, I give my inner child attention. I believe…  If you consider your inner child, with lots of compassion, you will be reborn as a parent.

Finally, I embrace the current energy quality residing in my body. Daily, I clarify my intentions. I honestly attempt meditation, at the same time and place, every morning. Yoga, a union with divinity within and a connection to infinity (God), is like icing on the cake. After daily affirmations and stretching, I am ready to take on the day.

When I tap into creative energy, discipline comes naturally. I accept my kids’ need to test boundaries. I support my boundaries with unified intent for good will.  My kids are WAY more receptive to orders that do not come with guilt and “GRRR!”  Family Rules are delivered with love and compassion.

Bringing infinity into my existence creates abounding joy; I am thankful. Gratitude and forgiveness create benefits, which spread from me into my family and my community. Does anyone feel this life centered approach to parenting is reasonable?  Can you sense that God is on your side with faith in humanity and good-will?  Or, do you think organized religion is needed?

~Christy Camp (Yoga Parent)

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