Don't let foreign chants and Deities spook you!

The practice of Yoga has been around for ages and it might gravitate toward eastern fashion, toe rings, granola bars and mantras, but yoga isn't a cult and you don't necessarily have to hang a bead curtain in your room or burn incense when you begin doing yoga.

It is a scientifically proven way to improve your health and state of mind. There are many benefits and here are five that makes starting yoga worth while.

1. Yoga reduces heart disease. One hour and half of yoga poses, deep breathing and meditation dilates blood vessels and improves arteries.

2. People have lost up to six pounds after eight weeks of practicing yoga.

3. It is also a good exercise for the brain, and helps memory and attention.

4. Deep yogic breathing will calm your nerves and bring your high blood pressure down.

5. Finally, yoga can relieve chronic back pain. After at least six months of practice, it will lower back pain.

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