Pay attention to your thoughts.

Many researchers have found positive thinking to be very powerful, many doctors today believe that patients with a positive thinking and expectation of how they would do after their surgery, did indeed well and recovered faster. We've been hearing a lot about the power of the mind and subconscious mind but positive thinking isn't an attitude, and it certainly isn't something you do now and then. You must practice positive thinking, and practice it daily.

Daily affirmations can be usefull, specially when you read them or say them early morning. However change in your life will only take place when positive thinking exceeds your negative one. Start practicing positive thinking by being aware of your thoughts and take note of your negative ones as well as your positive ones. Write how many negative thoughts you hold each day and how many positive ones. The more you do this, the more you will be aware of your thoughts. Now there's no point in driving yourself crazy, you can't monitor each and every thought but you can pay attention to the ones that provoke a strong emotional reaction, either good or bad, happy or sad. Feelings are a good gage to where your thoughts are going or coming from. Once you can see clearly how your thinking habits are, then you can consciously choose to think positive thoughts and begin daily affirmations.

First you must acknowledge that repeated positive thoughts will result in creating a positive outcome in your life, and the opposite is true for repeated negative thoughts. Without this acknowledgment, you can't move forward.

And then, remember, the key is to practice positive thinking by paying attention to your thoughts. 

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