Journey of Little Spirit

A short story inspired by the experience of grief. ~by Natalie H.

Once upon a time there was a little spirit that was sent by its Source to a train terminal. The landscape around was grey, impersonal, without character but there little Spirit was sent to wait. She looked to the left and noticed a tunnel which stretched out for a time period of nine months. To the right was fog leaving the road ahead unseen and mysterious. Right in the front was a sign which indicated the name of the terminal  " M. and Mrs. A. "

Little Spirit smiled and sat on the bench patiently waiting for M. and Mrs. A's train to arrive at the terminal. And then it would finally embark, own it, be its conductor and take it over toward new journeys on what she was told would be "Earth".

While she waited, she could feel many different sensations, vibrations coming through the tunnel. Sensing joy and excitement from M. and Mrs A. who gratefully and eagerly built the train. Bolt by bolt, track by track, each piece came together and each month the train begun to look more and more complete. Little Spirit couldn't wait to see the finished train it would finally hop on when it came through the tunnel.

But one day, those vibrations of joy and excitement changed to despair and sadness, little Spirit even felt a terrible emotion of anger and confusion, she heard Mrs. A's voice crying, lamenting but never cursing. She called out "Rachel" and asked for forgiveness. Little Spirit understood that "Rachel" is how Mrs. A identified her, and Rachel begun to understand that M. and Mrs. A had discovered that the train they were building had mechanical problems and not fully efficient to take little Spirit onto its long and happy, healthy journey on Earth. She stood at the terminal waiting for their decision, and one day Rachel knew that M. and Mrs A had pulled the lever and changed the course of their train, it went off track and would not continue its full course up to the terminal where little Spirit was waiting. The fog would not lift to reveal the world she would have known. Little Spirit heard their voices and their tears and returned to its Source from which it came.

Perhaps little Spirit would return in a later time at a different terminal, or perhaps it would return to M. and Mrs A's terminal once more, this time to embark a perfectly functional train that would finally unite them. Meanwhile, little Spirit's experience extended only to the waiting station, and it was an interesting experience.

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