Protect the Womb

As a mother you want to protect your children from harm, whether it's from bacteria, certain types of foods and even what they watch on television. But how about as an expectant mother protecting your child before it is born, while it's still in the womb? Every day we are exposed to radiation, whether it be low energy or high, very dangerous energy emitted by cell phones, computers, televisions, power lines, etc. It's speculated that birth defects, genetic disruptions, miscarriages and even cancer are caused by long exposure to these radiations as it can affect cell growth and DNA replication. The ways to protect yourself from exposure is to limit the time of use of these electronic devices and/or keep a significant distance from them. During pregnancy there is another method to shield oneself from these harmful waves, and that is to cover your belly with protective clothing. There are companies that make clothes, tees, blankets and even aprons that shield and protect the body by stopping these waves from reaching the mother's womb. They're made with a special fabric, a conductive textile made of silver fibers, safe and non-allergenic, it neutralizes incoming electromagnetic waves, and shields the womb from exposure. With the increase of technological advancement, we are being exposed to more and more of these electromagnetic fields, and with these countermeasures we can help reduce negative health effects.

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