Modern Spanking is Just for Fun!

Over the last month, I have devised a new way to spank my kids.  It is not equivalent to the, “love pat.”  Modern spanking, in my house, involves lots of love and total compassion. The spanking is delivered lightly and without injury. There is only one goal behind the spanking: laughter. I say, “Rapid-Fire Spank Bottom!” …whenever, I sense a change in disposition is necessary. I am serious; I am not accepting their current behavior!

Communication is key to positive discipline and relationships…  However, kids are not always open for discussion.  My boys seem to love this interaction. First, the spanking is delivered. Second, we are both laughing.  After we settle down, we discuss optional ways to achieve their goal(s).

I do not spank, if I have an ounce of anger or fear. I believe my kids desperately search my intentions. I want them to understand my spanking is a diversion from unwanted behavior.  Skipping the battle of wills and power struggle, we are laughing into the next moment. After the spanking session, they are ready to listen; or they are ready for a time-out.

Do you think this type of approach is healthy? Instead of spanking or squeezing a wrist to get their attention, I am basically tickling them into submission.  Laughter leads to positive discussions.

Most panels and posts on spanking children for disciplinary purposes agree that physical harm is not the best means of getting a point across. I believe positive discipline and laughter are my best means of parental influence…  Spanking is just for fun.

~Christy Camp (Yoga Parent)

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