Power, Freedom and Grace. (A book Review)

Do you sometimes feel that you're running out of time, that you have so much you'd like to accomplish yet you feel stuck, unable to gather your thoughts and take action? I recently heard a lady complaining of the same symptoms. Finally retired after years of teaching, she talked about the few travels she did with her husband, and now back home, she was feeling a bit lost and lonely. She continued to share about all her wonderful ideas to turn such and such hobby into a business and get creative, but she also expressed running out of time and the feeling of urgency.

I've often felt that way, with my age advancing and my desire to have a second baby, urgency takes over. I have to stop myself and remember to simply surrender to this day, this moment and be happy in it. When you do this, you open up the channels of creativity and you begin to align yourself with the Universe. When you are synchronized with the Universe, you simply know it. Everything flows with ease and happens as it should. I understand the difficulty to stay in that moment however; you might feel as though you're holding that soap bubble in your hand for as long as you can before it just pops and disappears. That's how it feels like holding to that moment when you feel everything is right, then it pops away and you're back feeling overwhelmed, lost, and feeling out of time and frustrated with life in general. But I am getting better at living in the present and finding happiness, how you ask?

Well my husband, a few weeks ago, surprised me with a little book he had seen me browsing through online. A book from one of my favorite authors, Deepak Chopra. This gem helped me understand many aspects of life and spirit. I read it every evening before bedtime, and the energy it brings is amazing. He expresses ideas and truths in such perfectly woven words, sentences roll in my mind and are absorbed by my inner being. And you know a truth from the way it makes you feel don't you? Power, Freedom, and Grace is a book that will help you see your Self and the world in a kinder, softer way. You will feel empowered and free as suggested in the title, while Grace surprises you between the lines.

Deepak Chopra's Power, Freedom, and Grace helped me through a difficult situation recently which had tied me up in knots, but the pertinent information and beautiful thoughts he expressed, untied my out of control emotions, got rid of my false thinking and allowed me to feel and be free from negativity and depression. It brought me back to the present, the only moment that there is, the "now". Time no longer is running out it is now enjoyed for what it is. I have become a fan, and in fact, I suggested the book to that retired teacher in hopes it will bring her as much as it has brought me.

Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness

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