My kids are urging me to live sustainably

My kids are asking me to redesign our lives to live sustainably. Stepping up to the challenge, I am empowered to coach by their creativity and love for our Earth. The kids’ desire to reduce and re-use things is strong. They are teaching me to how to tap into a passion for going green permanently. This seems to be a new way to bond: sharing love for supporting life.

Sustainability made easy is a BIG goal. Investigating native animals and plants, we are redesigning our house and yard toward survival among nature. We want the line to blur between nature and our home. The over-abundance of energy possessed by kids is critical. Kids need to create, build and destroy. They are ready and willing to work. Vermicomposting or worm farming is a favorite, so far. Does anyone have more kid friendly, nature jobs?  We are looking for local farming jobs in and beyond our back yard.

Do you know other ways to give back to mother Earth, daily?

Christy Camp

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