Organic Cotton For Your Baby

Having a baby? You might be already thinking of your little one's room decoration, bedding and furniture. Consider carefully however the type of mattress you will use. In today's crib mattresses and pillows there are harmful and allergenic chemicals such as, polyvinyl chloride (a very unhealthy plastic), polyurethane foam (a petroleum product), fire retardants and many other toxic materials and chemicals.

If you are one of those parents who is turning their home slowly but surely to a more green living environment to ensure the health of your family, you must be well informed about these toxic materials. Not to worry you or create a paranoia but to get informed at what is available out there and that you have a choice.

The alternative to these many toxic materials and chemicals is the use of organic cotton. It is grown without pesticides and fertilizers, unlike foams which are chemically treated and latex which is an allergenic. Organic cotton is less flammable than other materials, which need fire retardants. A baby's bed materials should be made out of non-toxic sources, as it is found that a lot of the chemicals are associated to children's health issues.

By making the change or the choice of simply using organic cotton you're definitely promoting a healthier environment for your baby, and that little bundle of joy is worth it!  We encourage you to do your own research about baby mattresses, and we also have put a resource below if you have already decided to opt for the better choice for your baby.

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