Do you have an Angel Story?

I would like to share an angel story, it isn't one of guardian angels saving me from an apparent accident, or a vision of glowing figures. It was a more subtle experience though one that brought a great deal of comfort to me.

I was getting my bag-pack ready for a long trip to Israel, to join a group of archeology students who were gathering at a Kibbutz, the name of it Kibbutz Nir David. It was close to the site they were to excavate, and I had planned to join this group for the experience. I was however nervous about my trip, many around me saying that it was a dangerous region with constant conflict between the people there.

I was 27 at the time, and had traveled on my own many times, but for some reason being away for three months kind of made me nervous, weary, agitated. What if I was headed to trouble with all that happens in the Middle East. At the same time I was excited about my decision to take a sabbatical from work to have this experience.

Two nights before departure, I went to sleep - finally - trying to get some zzzz's and rest. And as usual I had a dream. I used to dream every night (fast forward 15 years, my dreams aren't as frequent) but on that night, that particular dream I had was strange, I saw nothing. Just darkness, but I did hear a voice. The voice was that of a male, and softly whispered "Jacob's Ladder, Read it!" It sounded like a command and the voice repeated this 3 times, each time louder than before, until I awoke - startled. I right away got out of bed and reached for the drawer where I had my dad's little bible, an old one, with pages yellowed and some falling apart. The type so tiny, today I need a magnifying glass to read.

In the dark, I found it and grabbed it, then turned on my bedside lamp and begun searching for the chapters on Jacob. I finally got to a page where the reference title on the top left of page read "jacob's ladder" and begun reading it.

The message was clear - "Do not fear, I am with you where ever you go and I will bring you back where you are now" well not in these exact words, but this was the message, and I was instantly comforted and gained a certain confidence that where ever this adventure takes me, I will not be alone and will come back home happy, healthy and safe.

Do you have an angel story?

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