All about friendship and girlfriends

Today was a better day in the world of friendships. But before getting into the issue of friends, I need to share a little about the progress I am doing with man's best friend - the dog - in my case, my Maltese-poodle puppy. I am beginning to truly feel the respect from her, I am asserting myself as the "boss"and it's seems to be working.

According to experts, it is never the dogs fault but the owner's - I had failed my puppy and now she has issues that I am determined to fix. I am giving her more exercise than ever, and I am being alert to not miss an opportunity to correct and discipline her.

My best friend is learning slowly but surely. I am quite happy with what I am accomplishing.

I am also happy with how my girlfriend relationships are going, I was a little down two days ago after a trivial incident but one that left me questioning my friendship. Today, I have come to accept the reality that I will not get along with every person I meet - and that's okay.

There was a time rejection felt  much like a reflection on me: "what's wrong with me? Did I say something wrong? ". Today I see them as ridiculous responses on my part.

Rejection is rough, but it's normal. Not everyone is going to mesh with you, it is a fact that some personalities won't mix well. I suppose it is hard when you truly want a certain friendship to work out and it doesn't. Maybe my expectations are too high, or maybe I read them wrong, maybe the right energy you sometimes feel with someone is an illusion.

I do however believe that when you feel uneasy, most likely the other person feels it too, or if you feel a positive pull, the feeling is mutual. Common ground often bring people together, speaking the same language, having similar lifestyles, similar goals or sharing a common heritage.

True friends, are people who genuinely like who you are, your good qualities and your vices as well. Those who aren't afraid to tell you what they are thinking, who don't wear masks, or white gloves for that matter.

Friendship is a two way street, girlfriends who become like sisters are my favorite kind, you feel that the connection is deeper and a sense of family forms. And when you've reached a point where you feel like family, you know you are well surrounded and those kind of friendships are healthy and forever.

So with my puppy on her way to good behavior and with my own behavior changing towards people, my life is naturally getting rid of what not real and keeping what is, and at the end of the day we all need real friends surrounding us, life can be a stormy sea, and its best to have people you can count on on the ship with you.

Most importantly, understanding that it all starts with you being that person.

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