From Tropical Storm Dorian to the Pacific Tropical Storm Flossiess

I Need a vacation before it's back to school again!!

Beautiful Big Bear Lake, Ca

Okay, my friends are saying I am a workaholic. I beg to differ. I am well aware that I could use a vacation and I did do something lately to satisfy that need - my husband and I a few weeks back rented this beautiful cabin up in Big Bear and decided to take four days off and chill. 

We chilled - Under lightning thunders and hail!

But I loved it!!! It was so exhilarating and reminiscing of my homeland - Canada. I remember loving to  hear and see the rain pour down, a hot cappuccino in my hand, bundled in a blanket and sitting by the fireplace. That's exactly what I did at the cabin. 

Well the only negative was that we went with grandpa, kids, nephews and cousins, in-laws and it became hard to please everyone. 

We did however manage to have fun between clouds. When the sun pierced through we went to the Alpine slide Magic Mountain, the kids had a blast with he rides and water slides. The french fries were delicious and the Nature surrounding us was majestic and calming. We almost made it to the sandy beach lake, life guards and pic-nick tables, bouncers and slides in the lake calling our kids who's smiles soon turned to frown when the storm returned. 

Back-up plan kicks in -  Go to the Big Bear Discovery center! See the interesting local creatures, a friendly tortoise and a short historical film. We lingered in the boutique showcasing many artists and crafts. Little bottles filled with 14k real gold catches your eye first when you walk in. And at the end of the store a little cafĂ©, If I were alone, I would have bought a hot coco and sit out on the covered patio and enjoy the view of the mountains and lake - but the family wanted to move on.... 

I realized slowly that I prefer traveling alone. Or at least with only my husband and daughter. 

We were just happy that the storms were short episodes and didn't last all day long, we returned to our lovely cozy cabin, which by the way had everything you needed, from pots and pans, toaster, microwave, gas stove, fridge filled with butter, dressings, ketchup, mustard, Aunt Jemima, as well as a cupboard filled with any condiments you can imagine to help you with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. A barbecue grill on the large wrap around patio called the men to action, but we woman made sure to take out the paper plates and plastic forks, because doing dishes is not what we want to do when on vacation.

Towels in the bathrooms, towels for the lake, mountain living decor in all the rooms and a chest filled with board games and videos too. Amazing, the owner of this cabin means business! The only thing missing was the Jacuzzi, but she's working on it and we will definitely go back to soak in it next time.

When the rain stopped - again - this time my sister-in-law and I took the girls to find a spa where we could have are nails done. Then we went to the Village area which is charming and stopped at a nice little restaurant for dinner. The cannelloni and lasagna were rich and delicious!

The Lake is beautiful under the setting sun, shimmering and inviting, we went kayaking - how I enjoyed it, my daughter and I rowing and our pup between us. We all went kayaking, the weather was finally sunny and warm. 

I wished the storms had not come our way the very weekend we had planned to drive up, but it is what it is, and we made the best of it. Now I am back home and appreciating the quiet and being alone with my family.

But I still need another Vacation before it's back to school again!

PS: Our pup Coco enjoyed running in the giant completely fenced yard.

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