The healing power of water

Are you feeling down and groggy, tired and nervous - grab a glass of water! 

Water. H2O. The most important and crucial component for our body which is made out of 90% of it, yet many I know will reach for that coffee of energy drink before a glass of water.

Now I am sure you've heard of the importance of drinking water and getting your 4 to 8 glasses daily. Drink, drink drink especially on hot days. The water you drink should also be pure filtered water and if possible water that is not acidic which you obtain when you reach for alkaline water.

Many of the diseases in our society could be reduced by drinking quality alkaline water as well as eating less acidic foods. High cholesterol and blood pressure, depression, allergies and even cancer which thrives in acidic environment can be combated by what we eat and drink.

A room temperature glass of water upon waking will do wonders for your body, reduce high blood pressure and boost energy. Every morning, my husband has gotten into the habit of doing just that and the change in his energy is apparent.

But I want to also talk about the healing power of being around and in water. From the sound of the ocean waves to the trickling of your backyard fountain. If you cannot be near the ocean, and don't have a backyard fountain, get yourself an indoor little fountain that you can turn on instead of the television or radio. Enjoy quiet time with the water....

You can transform the fluidity of the energy in your life by bringing fluidity into your own life, from Tai Chi to Yoga, we are taught to move with the flow, and bring fluidity to our breath. Including a form of flowing water in our environment can also add to our health, both physical and mental.

We just finished building our own backyard fountain and I can already feel the soothing effects. Caught up with a lot of none sense and stress in my work place yesterday, I took some of my work home and rather than turning on the radio or music, I turned on the fountain and continued my work sitting in my kitchen nook. I paid attention to the sound of the water flowing, then soon it faded in the background as work took over my attention. I was more efficient in what I was doing, and I truly realized how calm my mind had become and how relaxed my body was once I was done with my work.

We too often forget to drink consistently and drink the right kind of water, but we also forget the positivity of water in our environment.

Gentle flowing water will change your mood to the better - ending your day in a warm bubble bath once in a while would do you some good too, make sure you lit a lavender scented candle while your at it! :)

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