I was so taken by an amazing presentation by a recent documentary, I decided to create a page dedicated to all the documentaries I've watched. I will give a short review every week on the ones I've watched and those I will watch.

We've all heard of the recent Oscar nominated film Dirty Wars that didn't win the golden statue, and the one that did "20 Feet From Stardom". I wish more people gave time to watch a documentary or two, the work that goes into it and the emotions that they can stir are testament to the quality of some of these film makers.

While we like to be entertained sometimes with a good family movie like Frozen, or an action packed film, a love story, or senseless reality shows on t.v. Once in a while everyone should sit and be ready to be stirred by a provocative documentary. The stir can be moving, saddening, maddening or instigating a call to action in your personal life. What ever you're ready to take in a particular moment is good for you.

There are times I wish to loose myself in a good visual nature documentary, other times I am ready for some serious political debate, or an educational film that would help improve one self.

Documentary makers deserve are eyeballs, so next time you have free time, choose to watch a documentary!

But never forget to read a good book too ;)


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